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  • PopMusic

    By Bo and Lilidania

    PopMusic is in our everyday lifes. It sometimes makes us who we are. Popmusic is music that is basically popular. It can be ranging from all type of variety of music, such as rap, hip pop, even country can be popular music. It has helped the world be intertained.

    Pop music has a certain beat that just grabs the listeners attention and that draws listeners in and that's how it becomes popular.

    Pop music uses regular song structure or songs, such as, verses, chorus, brigde, pre-chorus, and post chorus. Some on which are optional. The most important thing to have on when making a song is having catchy lyrics and a catchy beat. If you have both of those things then your song might have a chance to become no.1.

    Things to Remeber when Writing a Song
  • Come up with a catchy beat
  • Pick a certain song structure
  • Make some catchy lyrics
  • And at the end put everything together.
  • You should try writing a song one day, you may even become a major pop artist one day.

    Every year different songs are always voted the most popular based on how much listners it gets daily. Here's the Pop Music Videos Playlist of 2017.